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Applications Of Internet of Things For Dummies

The Internet of Things Applications for Beginners

Internet of Things Applications For Dummies - BOOK

the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a new world

 a quantifiable and measurable world — in which people can better manage their lives and companies can better manage their businesses. This new “smart,” connected world will offer fundamental changes both to society and to consumers and will profoundly transform entire businesses and industries. The rise of the IoT will create many practical and significant improvements in our world and our daily lives by helping us make better decisions faster with timely, higher?quality information

About This Book Applications Of Internet of Things For Dummies

This book explains what the IoT ؟ 

is all about and what it means for businesses in different industries (Chapter 1); what communications standards and protocols currently exist or arein development for  the IoT (Chapter 2); key IoT data challenges, including big and small data, analytics, and security
(Chapter 3); and some important takeaways about the IoT for businesses (Chapter 4).

Foolish Assumptions

It’s been said that most assumptions have outlived their uselessness, but I assume a few things nonetheless! I assume you have more than a passing interest in the future of the Internet and technology. Perhaps you’re a device or product developer, a marketing or sales manager, or an engineer working for a consumer electronics firm, a telecommunications service provider, a mobile or cable operator, a home construction contractor, a medical device manufacturer, or a technology company in some other industry. Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur or student exploring new business opportunities or research and development. I also assume that you are not necessarily a technical person, so I’ve written this book primarily for nontechnical readers. Of course,
technical readers are also welcome

If these assumptions describe you, this book is for you! If none of these assumptions describes you, keep reading anyway. It’s a great book, and when you finish reading it you won’t feel like an I?D?10?T when talking about the IoT!

Internet of Things Applications

application of internet of things

what the IoT
Internet of Things Applications For Dummies - BOOK